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Victims' Love
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Victims' Love

Poem By Faye Hahn

The doctor told the victim
As he lay there in fright,
Son you're doing just well, but you might start to fight.
The victim lied there staring
Then out came the words,
'Tell mom and dad I'm sorry,
Tell them I don't hurt;
Tell them I love them, and I'll be home soon...'
The doctor stood there staring,
Not saying a word.
The victim started trembling,
'What I've said, have you heard? '
The beeping of the moniter broke
The dead stare
The victim's eys glazed over
As the doctor placed his hand
On his hand...
Smiling, the son left; granted his request
The doctor stood there crying, as the nurse walked in,
'Why didn't you say you'd do it,
Why didn't you say you would'
The doctor looked up at her
The doctor looked and said,
'The people who had killed him, the people that are dead,
The people in the other car,
Were his mom and dad...'

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