(5-28-42 / Washington state USA)

Victims Of Katrina

Oh Lord he watched in horror
As that storm began to roar
They all thought they were ready
Thought a plan had been in store.

He bundled up his family
They took just what they could
They didn’t worry about tomorrow
‘Cause in the past their home had stood.

They grabbed some soft reminders
Of what their life had been
They grabbed the loving treasures
Not knowing what nature would send.

He worried about his neighbors
For some were left behind
So when his car left for the journey
They weighed heavily on his mind.

Oh Lord, he prayed in silence
Oh Lord, please keep us safe
And don’t forget the stragglers
That trusted their safe place.

They saw along the highway
As people were on the run
By the looks upon their faces
That everyone was stunned.

And once they were out of harms way
And began to watch TV
They saw to their great terror
How changed their lives would be.

They knelt and thanked their God above
That their family was okay
But here they were in an unknown place
Not knowing how long they’d stay.

This tragedy has brought together
A nation that loves and cares
Let’s all just count our blessings
And keep the victims in our prayers.

Let’s do what we are able
To reach our hand out too
For everyone has something
That they can surely do.

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