VCH ( / Preston, Lancashire, UK)


Sweet baby breath that was denied, the darkest dawn we thought you died.
safe asleep in your tiny bed, that is not safe but kills instead,
Sirens blaring through dark streets, my daughters face as our eyes meet,
and then our hands we hold on tight, to sanity then see our mite,
This isn't Victoria this cannot be she is too small for this to be,
Nightmare tubes and hospital smells the doctor's cold face as he sits and tells
how ill she is what little chance and he serves only to enhance,
our nightmare, how can we live and never give,
all of this love that fills our hearts it now from you we have to part.
Endless days sleepless nights we live an eternity in just a few nights.
then you my darling were so very strong you knew with us you must belong,
I believe that God gave you the choice you walked with him he heard your voice,
he sent you back on angels wings, how can we not believe that there are such things
as miracles the truth is here in your shining eyes in your smiles so dear
A kiss from you can change a day, your beautiful smile clears skies of grey
I know God had a purpose in leaving you here,
though life can bring sadness and heartache and fear.,
Life is oh! so very precious now Victoria is here.

by Valerie Carol Holland

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