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Victorian Graveyard/London
WMP (October 1951 / London, UK)

Victorian Graveyard/London

Poem By willow moon pearce

Tombstones lean back and forth
Like a snaggled old mouth
So close together
They meld into stunning marble splendour

Pathways are blocked, overgrown and easy to fall
Catacombs barred to the rapists of our legacy
Dare I say that the Victorians
Treasured and built their monuments -
Maybe their way of being remembered

I cannot think of the deceased in their black plumed
Horse and carriages
Without the feeling that someday I will be here
Amongst the people I have always respected
In the dappled light with no sound.
Why does this haven bring me comfort.

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Comments (2)

Just live for the now forget the way it will be. Once again nicely written. Patricia
perhaps post menpausal? ? rofl...i deeply enjoyed this