Victorians in all their splendid- dress,
The Noble- gentry sat playing - chess,
The porcelain glow on their complexions,
Victorian-children such recollections

On Victorian-times I like to reflect,
The Lords and Ladies great times project,
Those silks, satins, and such smart- attire,
Such glowing moments spent by the fire,
Those little children so innocent and pure,
But some had poverty and struggles to endure,
Barefooted they played in the park,
Those Victorian- children some worked after dark,
The servants and butlers in Noble-houses,
Those scullery maids pressing the trousers
Working hard from dawn to dusk,
Trying hard to keep awake,
As carry on they must

by Denise Frost

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A wonderful poem in my opinion. I love the victorian time and have written many essays on it. I think you have great potential as a poet and I wish you the best of luck.