Victorious Self Righteousness

They are all equally demented.
Convinced of their own self worth.
Projecting scholarly personas...
With intentions to undermine.
And plot to disguise...
Their own eventual demise.

What they have done together,
Is enough to have them jailed.
It's enough to have them tried for treason.
Their evilness will not prevail.
They used lies to murder, maim and destroy!
All of them are bloodless creatures.
Even snakes are offended,
And have become annoyed!

Anyone believing they have not been deceived...
Only have to look around,
To find themselves not alone...
Willing to allow their own to bleed.
In the belief that following such creatures,
Would lead them to a successful outcome.
To toast a demonicness,
In a victorious self righteousness.
But these are not the days,
For those indulging such a craze to praise!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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