Victory is ours!
Said one crow to the other,
As they soared in the sky above.
For below them they had spied
Golden corn, that was ripe,
From which, they would have their feast.
Tantalizing ears of gold
Laying out row upon row
Though as a river when the wind blowed.
'And no one is there'!
Exclaimed one crow in the air
'To protect that golden hair'.
So victory is ours!
Exclaimed the crows beginning there dive
Upon the corn, coming into sight.
But then shots rang out,
And two crows fell to the ground
As the corn waived in the wind.
Then walked two farmers to the crows
Who were hidden out of view
To observe the birds which flew.
Then one farmer spoke to the other
About the corn they defended together,
Exclaiming, 'victory is ours, over all others'.

by Randy McClave

Comments (18)

As I read this poem I made thoughts, Some questions came to my mind. were the farmers real victors? I don't think. Thanks for making us aware, and Congratulations for POD.
Touching expression. Beautiful poem. Thanks and congratulations for being selected this poem as the poem of the day.
A beautiful poem shared. Congrats for being picked members POD.
Congratulations your this poem being picked for poem of the day! !
Simple poemand story, yet explains.. domination of Humans on Nature.. and dispatching the rights of Other Creatures.. Sad though.. but nicely expressed.! 10
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