Poem By Colin Ian Jeffery

(The end of war)

Put away the war drums
Come mourn the dead
Evil has been vanquished
Freedom redeemed.

Mark graves of the fallen
Rebuild towns and cities
Set free the oppressed
Reach out hand of friendship.
Let nation support nation
Democracy be the way
With no more warlords
Trying to dominate the world.

Comments about Victory

excellently written the last stanza on the rebuilding the peace after barbaric war

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During the battle of the Somme, France,1916, the British sustained 60,000 casualties on the first day. Torrential rains turned the battlefield into a quagmire. In one month the Allies advanced five miles at the cost of 450,000 German.200,000 French and 420,000 British lives. I lost two uncles

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Colin Ian Jeffery

I would die a poet
Pilgrim from a burnished land
Remembered for humour, compassion and love
Claimed by many as a friend.

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What greater grief
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