Victory Is Ours

We must win.
Despite the cost of our failures.
We must continue to show our might.
We must prove our force in destructive sight.
If we stop this fighting...
Who will know we are right?
We must continue...we must!
Even if we become rulers over blight!
We must win!
Let us not forget who we are!
Victory is ours...
To live in eternal strife!
Too much weakness is lived in peace.
Chaos is our birthright!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (2)

there is no victory in war and it is only half time didn't you hear the whistle, time to shake hands with the dead Lawrence AJS
Too right.... just look through history.... victory at all cost must be right..... OR is it.... is there victory in withdrawal... are we bigger than this.... time will tell Alison