Video Games Are Evil And Bad

Video games are evil and you shouldn’t play them
They will take you out but take you away from a friend
You don’t want to have blood shot eyes
So throw away the games their all lies
Because they will only leave you hypnotized
And get you seriously rather sterilized
Get up once and awhile and out in the sun
Even if you are pale go out and have fun
Video games will leave you breathless and wanting more
At least that’s what I got for playing the game god of war
But that’s plain old news and getting older
But I wish I had a girlfriend so I could hold her
I’d trade up dumb games over a girl in a heart beat
But I just keep it up with my ever lasting losing streak
And don’t play games like grand theft auto its bad
It’s just another world and it will only get you sad
But if you like violence then I’d say go for it then
I can already see you go crazy and kill as you grin
God of war is just gory violent fun
If you see someone try to imitate run
Swinging chain blades that’s scorched to your arms
Permanent damage don’t try that at home it causes harm
And if you think you can kill a harpy with your lethal hand
You just can’t because their not real or don’t you understand
Games can make you question reality and even yourself
So if you ever get that way you probably not in good health
Little this and a little that
Don’t play mortal kombat
It will leave you in a mess
If you do ever get obsessed
So come on everybody throw away the games
You do that but I’ll be still playing these things
Only because I don’t have any brains
I played them until I got blood stains
My head leaked blood I should have known it was a gag
But I believed it and it’s because video games are bad

by sam, corrupt S, finley

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