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Vietnam Poem 1
AN (10-6-1991 / midland MI)

Vietnam Poem 1

Poem By ahsila nnud

Sitting here, I'm Scared to death
Surrounded by those taking last breaths
All of those here laid to rest
Were sent here to fight thier best
Walking through the jungle we crept
Muddy faces wet clothes, we slept
Searching for Charlie in the jungle
Finding nothing and hearing only thunder rumble
The heat is something rare
Mosquitos and rain are to much to bear
All I want is to be back home
But instead I'm here all alone
Suddenly an explosion, its a mine
My friend is hurt, I tell him ' you'll be fine'
But the damage is already done
He will never be able to hug his son
It was there i began to cry
Just waiting for my turn to die
'Get up! ' my Sergeant yells
I am in a living hell
I pray to God that i will make it out alive
But I am not sure that i will survive

This is a poem that i wrote for a class. But if and Vietnam Vet's read this please message me and tell me what you think of it. And everyone else please tell me what you think also because I dont want to look stupid in font of everyone when I read this in class.

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