View From A Park Bench (Its Heaven)

Temporary escapism suggests freedom,
It’s only peaceful because it isn’t who you are,
Secluded like gliding on ice;
It’s like a postcard image of stillness.
I’m importing joy like a marketing merger.

What’s the use of an education and culture-
When its delusion of grandeur offers you
But four wheel drive?

We see children flaunt their innocence
Un evolved ethics of how to spend the day.
Conscience is my anchor, insight your swan,
Politics and social conscience are sheer denial.
Vegetarianism is counter productive.
Hold on tight lest you lose yourself.

Entrapment is key and choice leads to despair
If your new born baby was pure
Freedom of speech wouldn’t be an issue.

If you were happy
If you were tolerant
If you were content
If you were satisfied
You wouldn’t be you.

Heaven is implausible, as a human I’d reject it…

by Gareth Edwards

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Keep em rolling in, they are fabulous
Another interesting poem. May something a bit more jolly next time?