View Of The River, Fort Deposit

It was summer, I had the notion to follow a creek
From its pool in the rocks to --- (creek knows where)
So I climbed through woods of squashing green;
For the creek came down to the pool from up
Where nothing ordinary could be seen
And I followed the creek to where a big round tree had broken over.
After itching and shredding through considerable
Squash and spiders (yes, there were creeps of spider hands --- asking)
I sat ast traddle a saddle of tree shorn bright,
First looking at the creek beneath;
It was going strong --- then smelling the feel around,
Here squash heads of honeysuckle yellow fawned ---
No need to say, squash toke for granted the entire world.
Then I looked up and straight ahead
To river fort deposit, impossible to miss;
So by following a creek from first glance on
I also found what creeks are bound for
And could guess the course of my own life.

by Beverly J. Brian

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