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As Children Bid The Guest "Good Night"
(13th October 1961 / Accra, GHANA)

As Children Bid The Guest "Good Night"

Poem By Emily Dickinson

I do not think I am alone
In not knowing what to say when tragedy befalls our community
The sadness, the shock, the helplessness
The clock cannot be turned back
The lives lost
Those changed forever
This loss

Now, days later we learn their names
Their stories
We get to know and admire them
They become real for us
Precious and amazing
Their families and friends too

Helplessness moves to love and appreciation for who they were in their lives
To compassion for those they left behind in their grief
To gratitude that we live in a community that cares and wants to help

We love you
We feel your pain and loss
We are here for you
You are not alone
We will get through this together

Peace dear friends
Peace be still

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Poem of compelling wisdom and astute expression in the face of loss and pain for loved one now gone to a tragedy- touching upon this subject that leaves us dry and confused is a most brilliant poem. Healing and wize!
A poem showing genuine concern for others lose. love it. Kingsley Egbukole