Vii. Shift

The day will leave for a mercuric night:
There is the brilliance hidden in the light.

Found at dusk, in shades we dawn, bare and bright...
What warmth shared at night left, rationed at morn...

The glare barred by blinds leaves the room love-lit.
From dusk to dark we dawn, in glaring glam.

by Igwe Kalu

Comments (4)

I've been reading your poetry and I think this is my favorite. It's very nicely written and I love the first two lines. Great job!
... a snipped frame, a still, from the 16 mm film of two lives, frozen for an emotional examination of a players reflections... relateable... Nicely done poem!
I really like the imagery here. It's strong and vivid.
This is a very touching piece Igwe. The language is employed beautifully and allows for a drawing out of each line. Each line is measured to an exactness showing a real skill for this.