JTC (Jan 21,1960 / Sibu, Sarawak, Borneo East Malaysia)


I am so down and out I wish
some earthshaking news to
shake up my day for instance
George Bush and Saddam
Hussein in bed scratching
each other's back as they whiled away
their time talking about how much
they had succeeded in destroying
themselves and their own nations
and how with some makeups, they
can play twins in a hollywood
movie titled 'How to take Your Country for a Ride'

or like Queen Elizabeth II
taking down her crown in place
of a shroud, saying she would
abdicate to become a Catholic nun
in Ireland because she has a vision
telling her to do so

or like Prince Charles coming out
into the open detailing all the
women he had taken to the bed she
shared with Diana and that royal love
is like it has always been royal,
for the sake of securing progeny
Prince Philip decrying he was
secretly in love always with Diana
how life is so devastatingly
meaningless as a one woman man

Leonardo da Vinci declaring
that Mona Lisa is actually half him
and half the rich woman she painted
because that was the only way he could
immortalise his love for her and how
feverishly he had fallen in love with her
as he tried to transfer her into his canvas
his bossom with his colours and passion
a perpetual smile to consecrate a living
secret both carried to their graves

or the news that Hilary Clinton's mad
craze to be back in the White House
is because she loves making love in
the nook and corner of the haunted
presidential buiilding and that she actually
has a fetish peeping on Bill unleashing his
charms on the ladies and the fact that she
just loves white, being white and nothing else

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