Villanelle: Early Love

I know you will say no,
But, may I at least say
Today, I love you so?

“Your sweet name shall I know
To bless me on my way? ”
I know you will say no.

“As men did times ago
And others may someday,
Today I love you so.

“May I dance once with you? ”
As your pout dares me: stay!
I know you will say no.

“I know that faith will grow
And though our eyes may stray,
Today, I love you so.

“How fast the hours go!
Do blow a kiss, I pray.”
I know you will say no.

“Whate’er be tomorrow,
Whatever grave or gay,
Today I love you so.

“As strong as warm winds blow,
As straight as waters flow,
Today, I love you so.”
But I know you’ll say no.

- by Edgardo S. Tugade

by Edgardo Tugade

Comments (3)

Today I love you so, tomorrow my love I pour, and the day after tomorrow, our love become sore, cuz you'd never want to know.Nice writes Tugade.
a monologue format...a well expressed thoughts of passion..nice to read.. well penned..thumbs-up 10 Ency Bearis
well written, conjuring thoughts of love that's past