Stay Away From Negative Thoughts

Kick your negative thoughts

Say them good bye

Shout with a cheering tone

I am enjoying with my present status

I don't wanna need your presence

I wanna say good bye

Just stay away from me

I know

Positive & negative thoughts are always bonded with us

No one can free from them

However anyone can change their way of thinking

& can avoid them from their life

It's the worst kind of suffering

Is the dark night of the soul?

Negative thoughts of the lesser self

The negative thoughts are like thrones on a beautiful path

It creeps in stealth, like a thief.

It brings the despair of hatred

And chokes out the life race

Which has power to break you inside?

Which has power to push you back to that failure days?

It's your decision what you would take

Only two option left behind

Either positive & negative

Negative thoughts break you

Negative thoughts, can keep you out of all good sorts,
It can bring you down and traumatize you.
However positive thoughts has a power change poison to medicine

Shout with a cheering tone
I must take first responsibility
To change myself & defeat
The ugly inner negative thoughts affect my life
I don't wanna it any more
I wanna say good bye forever


Comments (3)

Today I love you so, tomorrow my love I pour, and the day after tomorrow, our love become sore, cuz you'd never want to know.Nice writes Tugade.
a monologue format...a well expressed thoughts of passion..nice to read.. well penned..thumbs-up 10 Ency Bearis
well written, conjuring thoughts of love that's past