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MA (7th February / Lagos, Nigeria)


Poem By macaulay akinbami


Vials of rare genus spotted with golden invisible dots

Institute of intelligence congealed in mere mortal frame

Nectarous nurturing greeted my confessed inexperience in Cell

Candor always masked with priceless humility

Exodus of necessity as someday we all must do,

Never a lacuna so wide in all history’s exits

Time, ooh transit time of short tenor, let me pause awhile as we wish you well


Entreaties are over with inadvertent pariah of our revered Chief Justice

Ribbons of Blue as roses make you merry as you journey on

Omnibus yet unwritten but read by mind’s eye

Meritorious mediator witty with wisdom

Of apple-picking wearied, through paths of tolerant service

Sequester not the bond, though to another this new stampede implored

Enter now the league of lords with modesty

Leaving memories of countless ennui borne, keep the feast for another day

Enjoy and Celebrate victory

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