Vintage Fun.

Come on now, turn around,
Hip hop time,
Lets hit the disque.

Take it slow, sip it in,
Don’t you worry,
The case ain’t empty yet.

Take the wheel, steer away,
Lanes are clear,
Lets feel the cold wind.

Think a bit, get a grip,
Don’t break your head
Roll up one for me too.

Get your vest, tighten up,
Jump in n float with me,
In the depths of the Bay.

Groggy n woozy but mulish,
Y’al got that ten bucks?
Queue up n giggle!

Spoken n understood,
Noisy n fishy beaches,
Gulp down those silences.

Inkling of surprises,
Sniffy farewells,
Unplanned plans,
Audacious jaunts,
Fun remains,
Vintage fun goes on.

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