Viola Swing

Don’t fret honey
Let’s make a go of it
You’ve got the neck
I’ve got the cheek -
Baby I’m gonna
make you speak
Wait ’til I’ve hotted up my
(cheese and onion, oven-ready
garnished with tomato)
Let’s give those tunes an airing
No ifs and buts
I’ve got me bower’s elbow
You’ve got the guts

by Gemma Hooper

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Comments (4)

this is a very interesting piece. comes to mind a rock-n-roll tune. well done. Jake
As I said when you put this one up before, you have a wonderful musical quality...
Thats very good! Its very lyrically written. Have you even though of writing songs because i think you'd be great at them! This was strange but wonderful to read.
This is so very delightful, Gemma...A very enjoyable full of expectancy...very well done... Lare