DM (21/04/88 / Dublin)

Violent Silence-In Response To Virginia Tech Killings

Brought about by madness
He takes a loaded gun.
He wants a bloody frenzy
So takes more than just the one.

He makes his way to where he shoots
Away the innocence of that day.
And for those jealous feelings
He’s gonna make them pay.

A blondie girl with many books
Is running late for class.
She never saw it coming
As so quick, he starts to blast.

A young lad about to cycle
After taking an exam.
Is taken by surprise
And slaughtered like a lamb.

A group of friends sit chatting
While their teacher chalks the board.
When in he strolls with his gun
And their words are ‘oh dear Lord! ’

The teachers feels protective
As he stands there like a shield.
‘I’ve gotta save my students’
And from there his faith is sealed.

The students start their jumping
From a window way up high.
And amid the deadly bullets
From shock they start to cry.

Panic runs as bullets pierce
And souls begin to leave.
The blameless have been blamed
It’s too crazy to believe.

Heaven’s gates are being opened
As each soul leaves their shell.
They’ll rejoice up there in heaven
As he makes his way to hell.

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