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Vip Customer
AC (6th August,1945 / Melbourne, Australia)

Vip Customer

Poem By Alison Cassidy

Acres of 'stuff'
fill this brightly lit superstore,
where fabric junkies
shiver in air-conditioned
summer cold.

Big Brand Sale signs
beckon bored Crafties
and Do It Yourselfers
with too much or too little
time or money to spend.

Disinterested staff
prop behind tables,
scissors snipping.
Next please...

Bleating customers
laden with fabrics
clutch plastic numbers

The small leather 'scraps'
are not what I want -
but packaged so prettily,
and marked up to buggery...

I have no choice,
I pick my number,
I wait my turn.
Do you have your Spotlight VIP card?
My what?
Do you want to become a VIP customer?

You must be joking!

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Comments (9)

Allie this brought a smile to my face and some happy memories of when I used to work in a shop with all its give aways and smart cards to boot. I loved it, just loved it. Top marks and thanks for raising a smile. David
Laughing all the way here Alison, , this is so true and yet so funny at the same time The small leather 'scraps' are not what I want - but packaged so prettily, and marked up to buggery... hahahahha! ! ! thankyou for this, brought a smile :) Love duncan X
Yep! It's not enough ya gotta lug around all those blasted credit & debit plastic, yas gotta 'ave yer Air Miles, HBC Rewards, Shoppers Optimum, Canadian Tire Money, weekly coupons, and yada, yada, yada. Can hardly wait for the next stage in the evolution of commerce. Should be a dandy. GG
The customer is king/queen but only if they have a vip card... and ya got to make it worthwhile by dissing the non Vips! Briskly and skilfully sketched with just the right amount of detail to keep us reading on... Great telling Allie. xxx jim
Disgusting store, disgusting people, and it wouldn't take too much imagination to work out the ethnicity of the owners. Ouo vey.
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