Virgin Daughter

Thou are more precious than rubies, diamonds.
Thy heart is not perverse with fiery drift,
Nor thy lips speak of guile and destructions.
For thou knowest the cost of this divine gift.
This vow to wait for the man who shall
Unlock thy life's Patrimonial treasure.
Yea, there will be temptation, use your 'Will',
Remember your vow and never let down guard
For their is a reward for those who wait.
This thou wilt see on that night. Avantgarde
The Arms of thy lover, talk of thy fate:
As he sends you to ecstasy revealing
Himself to you touching, caressing, kissing.

by Elton Hazel

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Virginity is one of the most precious things and once gone it cannot be replaced. Great Poem! ! ! ! !