Virgin Love Always Blosoms

I'll not need to possess your kiss
and sequester it
in my soul space prematurely.

I'll not need to pick you up
and carry you across the threshold.

No urge here to possess you
even if I urgently feel the need
since that is only really possible voluntarily;
flowers only really open to sunshine
warmth and feelings,
and you are my best flower-lover.

I'll not urge you to excess beyond your reach
but wait for your natural desires to mature
and move toward me
ripened eyes
open and willing;
that way is best.

Love's Gem is clearest
when freely given.

Desire is fruit
best plucked not to early
preceded best by the patience
that true love brings.

If time is the secret ingredient
that love needs
then here are the years and moments
I am willing to concede.

So take from me what you need
freely given
and I will fill you up
in the way Love
makes possible
because love
and the desire to feel
is cherished and needed
married or single.

So if I hear your gentle cry
as we both relinquish
our virginities back once again
all would have been
worth the wait of pain and separation
as we contemplate
taking our vows again

by Lonnie Hicks

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