Virgin Wife

To all those Players
out there..

You say a Virgin-Wife
Is the only one that will do.
Surely, she deserves....
Better...Than the likes of you?

A woman untouched
By another man,
To have and to hold
Is that your plan?

How many women
Have offered their love,
And believed your lies
Were sent from above?

Too many to count,
Is that, what you say?
It's really no matter,
They were all just for play..

Well, ... She too has dreams
Of love, don't you know,
Pure and sweet as the
Fresh fallen snow.

She can tell you'er a Player,
So, .. She will bid you goodby.
Take your skills elsewhere
Tell someother your lies.

For real love takes two
Both loyal and true
She'll be glad.. She found out
That someones not you.

As you leave on your way
This thought is for you,
She wants her.. Husband - To - Be,
To be a Virgin too.

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