Virginity (3)

Poem By Dilantha Gunawardana

I stole what was mine
And gave it to you, as a gift wrapped with an inscribed ring
When you took me to dizzy heights
And dropped me like a baby from a stork’s mouth
As you took me in - the orphan - to your sheltered home
When I cried like an infant on your breasts
As you pealed forever my naivetés
And I fell to the paradigm of mortality
Where in the nuptials of two lustful bodies
The lushness of heaven was consummated
When I gave you everything I own and owe
The heartbeat of my innermost sanctum
In our baptism to the virtues of loving each other
What will always be yours and mine
Where the echo of one sacrament is pledged
To reverberate far into the lumen of time
As a kernel of infinite memory

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