In the dark she was….
Not knowing there's even something called light.
She knew no peace ….
Cos there's a raging storm in her soul.
She is bound and enslaved ….
Cos she doesn’t  know what it means to be freed.

From the light he came….
Not knowing a being was shackled in the dark.
He came with peace…
Which would eliminate the worries she bears as a burden.
He came with a liberating object….
Which would unshackle her slavery.
She needs to see the light….
Cos it would illuminate her dark world.
She needs to be in peace….
Cos it would quieten the raging storms in her soul.
She needs to be freed…
Cos it would liberate her being.

He made her see the light….
Which enabled her  sight in ways she never imagined.
He made her feel the peace…
Which enabled the liberation of her soul.
He made her  feel the freedom
Which enabled her flight to unimaginable heights.

by Agoudou Joseph Femi

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This is a love poem of a different kind. It is well structured and shows a gift of the mind. This is compelling and interesting reading. Well done! GW62
Sounds familiar. Nice poem.