(1950 / )


feelings of hopelessness
questions of a viscous circle of
when will the heart of mankind
be a pleasurable abode of passions

old sages leave
the wisdom of their contemplation
in the disciples of their tomorrows
but these pages are worm eaten

so endlessly this
dialogue of worldliness
and apartness
rendezvous of scholastic appetites
gagging on contradictions in reality

are the apart holy
then why the condescension
the sermons
the rainbows dipping into clouds
where no gold was ever hidden

some are wise
some are given to foolish pursuits
who keeps the score
a tally of generality subsumes
to confer wretchedness on goodness

then they breathe
a sigh of belonging
for now
no one is worthy of the path
of even purity semblance

alas their work
is done completed finished
no where
is there goodness under the sun
of earth's choreographed orbit

so now let us
like lemmings run to the ocean
and drown our pride
for remember they say
that's all we victims are

we are the antagonists
twirled to the other side
of the tao
only yin and yang exist
when the unbalance sits

how so now
is there no desire
to bliss
of the wretched
of the wracked

the liars camp
widens in bribery and partnership
spoils off innocence
how they flaunt their arrogance
in pretend humility fie fie fie

the innocent
are not foolish they are
the innocent
fie fie and again fie
the pretend humility

they grow ugly
and fat off their wickedness
and their cohorts
encourage lies of more worth
for only these can satisfy them

they are greedy ones
these mauraders of humankind
steeped in the generic
where they can slumber and snore
assured of their conquest of darkness

darkness is their abode
generality is their cloak of safety
the belonging pool
is where they swim not like the salmon
they cannot fathom the upstream

they know
only the swirl of the eddy
in the depths
of the ocean the never existed
they never existed never drowned


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Pablo Neruda

If You Forget Me

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