My every breath is twisted into a desperate cry.
Once you feel the wind, you would want to fly.
There are so many things I personally know.
The fewer seeds I hold, the more I'd try to sow.

I lay awake every night... Longing for dawn.
Long for a place where I'm neither defeated nor torn.
I hungrily take in all of everything.
I taste the bitter cold, just to witness spring.

You claim I'm truly lost... But I'm the new brave.
If you could only read my mind... And see what it craves.
I wrestle all my doubts, and put on a smile.
I'd even play a hopeful tune, but it only lasts a while.

I can’t help but feel that I've started falling.
Crawling back inside myself, it’s your name that I am calling.
And every breath I take is twisted into a desperate cry.
Curse those who shake their heads, as I slowly die.

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