One Upon A Time In Zamboanga

By: Wisnu Pamungkas

Because I wander, I am still in here
circulating between rock and the hills
wind be true to island and bird for ravine
but some times a wave still sharp as spear,
more on Zamboanga
more on the words that was legend between the pirates
I can’t prevent
when the sunset looped in sea like a axe aye

Because I am wanderer, I am still here
playing with boat cordage and conch
dialogue by sitting or stooping
but suddenly wounds aim for sunset
stitching is soreness which cannot be avoided

Because I cry, I am still here
floating between birds wings
but this is the harmony that ummeasurable
that is to be blessings in the lane

I am still pray
even when all the people is gone,
without signature nor are footprint

Harmony Village, Zamboanga, May,17,2009

by wisnu pamungkas

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That I can hear the womb Opening and the dark run Over the ghost Beautiful theme.
An augury of a man who took a name, entitled by his talent to carry on, from Robert Alan Zimmerman to Bob Dylan, spawned and encouraged by the great Welsh bard.