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Vision Of Life
HME ( / Cairo, Egypt)

Vision Of Life

Poem By Hala Mahmoud El Banna

Visions mingle
Hopes twinkle like stars
And the brightness of the moon is what I seek
Is it the moon, or what's behind such brightness ...
Yes; the sun is what the moon's all about
It's the sun that makes the moon appear so wonderfully bright
So mystically beautiful and above all so alive
though it's dead.

I seek light to guide me not hinder me
I seek comfort to set my mind at peace
I seek happiness, laughter and joy
Yes, I seek LIFE.
I Wonder Every time I wonder
Every time I reach
Never satisfies me
Never relieves

The thunder in the darkness
The rain in the sky
The moon with its brightness
Makes me wonder why?

Why is it so so difficult
To make others do see
The truth that lies within us
The hopes that our hearts do seek

Is it wisdom, or glory
Is it fame, or wealth, or peace
The internal secret of the soul
That unfolds only for him
Who strives to reach.

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