EA (26\5\1988 / cairo)

Vision Of Love.

I had a vision of love,
and i saw your face.
And i saw a hazy picture of,
a very beautiful place.
Love is when i think of you,
and i cry at night in my room.
Love is when i dream of you,
and the roses of my world bloom.
Love is when you invade my reveries,
and when you haunt my sleep.
Love is when became my memories,
and the only one i fall for so deep.
Signs happen to me all the time,
but since i met you they happen differently.
All of my poems seemed to ryhme,
and my life went on perfectly.
You can ask blood running through my veins,
and running along the altar of love.
Even if every thing was gone your love remains,
as my every thing i ever dreamt of.
You can ask all those sleepless nights,
like a comet so patient on it's endless trip.
I own the power of all the immortal fights,
i'll wait to share you and i won't lose my grip.
Maybe we were meant to be,
because i love you so.
Every thing that's inside me,
won't let you let me go.
Maybe i'm so in love that honestly,
i find me lost away from home.
I became so blind to see,
that i'm not with you and i'm alone.
Maybe i finally reached a definetion,
of that angelic thing i feel for you.
I know that if i had a vision,
about love or life, it'll be about you..

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