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Visionary Landscape

Chlorine dreams, wish they could be seen
carnal screams, swimming in an ocean of green
bathing in sweetness, enveloped in coolness!
I would give my life
for that liquid high
in the sand

I am one solitary charge in a land of mirage
lead feet driving forward to the swirl
a flourine habitat I long for
Here I am and nothing to be found
dying of thirst and deceptive sounds

Never to plunge in forbidden seas
I continue to go endlessly
Just when I feel like stopping, I think
I find myself standing on the brink

The Last Ridge fortold the mythical fountain
Now I see it over the next ridge horizon

Invisible chains bind my soul
the goal my mission sole
sweet rains wait for me just around the corner
aching feet help me to reach the wave

Finally I'm here, ecstasy is near
but there's not any water in the sand
the next ridge horizon tells me it is there.....

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