Visionquest, Keltischer Junge

Unearthing sacred truths bring to light
so many things that beforehand lay hidden

and his voice rings clear and true
he fell off the wall, neither I nor you

to be himself and all he could be
with or without all the kings horses or men

to be yourself his fervent wish
the road we each must take, alone

the futility we often times come against
a madding crowd - formidable, unforgiving

but the greatest hindrance lay within
laying down the dream is sure defeat

a parade, his childhood dream to see
and that he attained, however brief

the truth - his passing is not in vain
his light reveals the way of freedom

that gaze is faraway - not unfocused
meeting another set of questing eyes

sweetly surrender - a dream's demise
and like a phoenix - a new dream arise


by Frederick Kesner

Comments (1)

I found enjoyment in this contribution. Very nice FK. Thanks for sharing this altruistic expression. Flow was on target.