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Visions In My Mind

Oh keeper shine your warning light, across this violent sea,
(Pray God) its beams, will fall this way, and send some help, to me,
For as I cling upon this raft, my body numbed. And chilled,
I thank the Lord, for being alive, most of my friends were killed,

Why did we flounder. upon these rocks, that tore our ship apart,
And watched my brother, drown out there, which really broke my heart,
For he had pushed my to this raft, "HANG ON" said brother JIM,
Go it on your own now son, I'm finished and cannot swim,

I tried to grab him by his hair, as "GOOD LUCK" he said to me,
In seconds he had disappeared, taken by the sea..
Suddenly, I felt so warm, that light, such brilliant gleam,
Oh had God come to save my life, or was it but a dream?

The lighthouse keeper smiled at me, "You were very lucky there",
I didn't quite hear what he said, I was kneeling in prayer,
For only God, and my brother knew, the words I silently spoke,
With a hurt I felt within my heart, enough to make me choke,

But a seaman I've been yes, all my days, and this, I'd like to say,
I'll love my brother, for the rest of my life, and we'll meet again someday.

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