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Visions Of Halley's Comet
DWS ( / Youngstown, NY, USA)

Visions Of Halley's Comet

Poem By Dr. Walter S. Polka

A rigidly righteous and gaseous traveler
marking time and distance with
the stars to entice.
Privy to universal truths and phenomena,
yet, only, a methodically moving cube of celestial ice. Continually, yet briefly, taunting our human kind
and perplexing our passions to cosmically know.
Secretly stealing visions of us over time while we, but briefly, glance at its heavenly show. This extra-terrestrial moving mathematical mass
dares to heighten our human curiosity.
We wonder why it is and what its seen
and then, it journeys off to another infinity. This comet, called Halley, always returns
to celebrate its irregular diamond jubilee.
We know somewhat of where its been, but we wonder what its next human vision will be.

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