JM ( / Decatur, Georgia)

Visions Of Kate

With wonder I stare in the dawn of day,
At the phantom posing in the narrow doorway,
Below Kate from a faraway land,
A secret utopia on golden sand

I seek to touch her lovely face,
Love knowing no bounds, transcending space,
Yet she eludes and guards the key,
To the mystery door between her and me.

So warming the taste of her Sabbath feast,
An offering of love to even the least,
The shabby stranger with bright sad eyes,
Surely an angel in mortal disguise.

Her perfume trails boldly and captures my nose,
I smell the fragrance of a wild red rose,
Time standing still in the moment rare,
Suspends my phantom in anointed air.

Beyond the purple mountain tall,
I hear her laughter and tender call,
The torch flaming brightly on benevolent fate,
I imprison forever sweet visions of Kate.

by Jean Manning

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