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Visions Of Micheal
LG (6/12 / Southern Califonia)

Visions Of Micheal

Poem By Lana Grissom

I felt your immense loved magnified a million fold in my dream today,
My little Boy...'where have you been'...so suddenly tucked away.
The golden sun streaked blond bleached hair of your's...from the ray's,
Make my heart glow...Oh how I've missed you,
So much to my discontent make me understand how you are meant.

You came to me in my dreams today...your image so vivid,
I was immensely swept away,
You showed me the Heaven's in all there splendor,
The colors was so vivid...your love so tender.

You give me comfort, you soothe my soul...oh how I Love You So!
This feeling seems almost unreal, but I'm a believer in the heavens,
As you spendidly reavealed.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart and love you with all my soul...
For you are real to me, telling me the...Untold.

I can't explain it and so often try...my heart skips a beat and I wonder,
Why with thought of you...so tender and true.

I was so once afraid to die but, you give hope...as I know you are,
My guide as you revealed the Heaven's above...to me displaying that they,
Are Real.

I saw the with my own eye's the color in the mist, I felt the love,
The felt the Warmth...which was truly...Heaven Sent!

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