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Visions Of Terrorists Dance In My Head

We are Americans went nuke in 41
We are Americans we have the biggest gun
We now fight a war of attrition
We underestimate all our competition
We fight to maintain our hegemonious crime
We really don't care if we get there in time
We build a new weapon that kills before threat
We send in a soldier who isn't dead yet

We send in a soldier who comes back to life
We send home an alien to impregnate his wife
Visions of Terrorists soon walking our streets
Visions of Terrorists soon buying our meats

Visions of Terrorists dance in my head
Clinton and Rushdie will leave us for dead
Visions of Terrorists torture my brain
America, the collective, is going insane
(written June 10,1995)

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U wrote this when? Thats like almost psychic
thanx to God that unlike clinton, the Americans haven't atleast ruined themselves! people like u r the need of today. there would have been no better silent protest that this. really like this poem! HUNKI-DORY to you Beau! ! Lubna liked the last few lines of that poem..and.... yes..America is going a bit overboard with everything.... Preets