JTC (Jan 21,1960 / Sibu, Sarawak, Borneo East Malaysia)

Visit Malaysia Poem - The Proboscis Monkey

proboscis monkey
a golden lump of quiet wisdom
on the tropical tree

the rush of a borneo
wonder right below
it is life and it is
a menace too

i smell them at the edge
of a fragile existence

the borneo river that seems
to say save them save them

lurking at the banks waiting
for a kill are crocodiles
of the highest order
steely jaws, mighty tails,
well ground canines and all

the Probosics
their bright golden hair
and fur carry the streak
of an endangered creature

a long iconic nose - furry pinocchio -
hangs from their face with a
a virile warmth and never fails
to elicite a love in us

save him, save him

flappy long nosed zeroing
in on his mate
swinging his lust in
the lonely borneo rainforest
a harem in tow
in the out of the a green paradise
a fine 'caucasian'
orang belanda at the
edge of existence
land below the winds

stay up the trees
take us to the flight
of your dreams
harem and all

your mascot noses
and bright red phalluses
rule the day

my words climb, hop,
leap onto the page
in the the steps of your
passion, wedded feet
water, land and trees
they fill up whole imagination

pinnochio of love
beware the ever
hungry crocs
lurking with their
belly for -the lock, stock
and barrel - of your every inch

never mind
we will be your guardian
proboscis monkeys

take malaysia to
the tourists' heart
and keep them cosily there

there is even a big rope
tied onto two poles
over the water so that
you can escape the crocs
when in the search for new pastures

let us smell your
brightest patch
as you band at the bank
of your favourite
borneo coasts
sending love notes
to lands beyond

our wishes and prayers
are for you
they run longer than your
may you be there always
opening our eyes
to the fragile world that needs
every bit of care
for your continued existence

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