JTC (Jan 21,1960 / Sibu, Sarawak, Borneo East Malaysia)

Visit Malaysia Year Haiku - Cenang Beach (Langkawi State Of Kedah)

sea death
a bouquet of roses
washed ashore

after the tempest
we walk the beach to pick
coins and blue and white chips

breeze louder than waves
Langkawi and rebak
have become one

today the sky parades
phoenixes in the clouds

cenang night
behind the black veil
evil screams l

full moon
leaning onto a boat on beach
my loneliness and me

full moon
a brown bird flies
to an unknown destination

Cenang is a very appealing beach. The beach rivals that of Kuta in Bali. The sand is powdery and the beach stretches for one and half kilometre. The sea here is emerald green. During the best time, you can see dolphin leaping around in the sea as well as otters coming to shore. Tourists are aplenty from November to April, the dry season. From here, tourists embark boats to other beautiful islands such as Island of the Pregnant Maiden and the Payar Island where there is a teeming sea life. Cenang beach sometimes links itself to the Rebak Island during low tide so that one can walk to the island in the afternoon. Restaurants and beach bars are aplenty here. The above haikus recorded what I saw in my seven years in Langkawi. There must be so many wrecks in the Straits of Malacca, you can find blue and white porcelain chips on Cenang. They are becoming less but if you are lucky, you can still pick pieces of them. I picked one with a fish painted on it. It was a good omen.

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