JTC (Jan 21,1960 / Sibu, Sarawak, Borneo East Malaysia)

Visit Malaysia Year Haiku - Malacca River (State Of Malacca)

</>Malacca River
dazzling the history
of the old city

slow and steady
making history still
the Malacca River

slow, steady unassuming
of a great past
the Malacca River

whispering secrets
of the city's past
Malacca river

</>Malacca River
dazzling in the water
history of the old city
(declared a UN Heritage site 2008)

Malaccca River
the ripples are clear lines
to fill my thoughts

calm Malacca River
his surprise it was once
a great port

Malacca River
teaches me the subtlety
of calmness

serene Malacca River
its history turbulent as
waves of the straits

coins 50 years,100 years...
repository of history
malacca river

history dazzling
in its flow
the malacca river

malacca river
there the nation's
history flows

listen, listen
it is telling us its glorious past
the malacca river

still flows here
Malacca river

Malacca River
in the water a glimpse of

The Malacca River heavily polluted earlier has been cleaned up with little parks on both banks set up. It is really a pleasure walking along the banks of the river which was once the centre of commerce in the East Indies. Malacca is a city of museums, so many of them, dedicated to the army, navy, air force, culture, history, architecture, literature, numismatics, government and heads of state. Many of the coins in the museums here were actually discovered from the bottom of the Malacca river in the recent beautification works. Malacca River is the richest repository of the town's rich culture and history.

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