JTC (Jan 21,1960 / Sibu, Sarawak, Borneo East Malaysia)

Visit Malaysia Year - Langkawi A Poem

andaman sea
the emerald expanse of the sea beckons
the thick rainforest breathes mystery
the weight of five hundred million years
of fairies, waterfalls, bewildering karsts and caves
homing bats, triumphant eagles,
windswept rocks carved by the years,
skeletal with its hardest parts grasping onto time
tight as the day they had come about
my heart is carried away by the rhythm of creation
here and there and the legends that it sings
the monsoon brings on the mists
thinly veiling the mountain ranges
pregnant lady, old village papas mat cincang
mat raya, the inlaw quarrel that spilt hot water,
soup, and flying crockery that broke into
a thousand pieces of mindboggling tales
torrential rain and the monsoon winds
work the karsts like candle wax into abstract forms
every artist craves to have a mastery over
they evoke the sacredness and the patience of time
its ever working and crocheting fingers in
following through its designs
andaman sea
for centuries sweeping love, history onto shore
the traders, the warriors, the preachers,
the wanderers, the friends and the enemies
and to to top it all a woman who shedded white blood
andaman there the sound of roaring waves
uncompromising in their march
following nature's order in carving
an isle of rare beauty and legends- langkawi

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Comments (2)

I would love to visit your beautiful country. Thank you for bringing me there in this poem
The poem has swept me away from where I was sitting to the Andaman sea to savour the ethreal beauty of the exotic environs of Langkawi. So nice of you to have shared this poem. Thanks.