The time came when first I saw!
That breaking point was clear to see.
And mind close to insanity - for!
What if 'they' should catch my sight?
And beam me up in whitest light?
Would my existence lesser be?

What visitation rights have they?
An Inter-stellar craft to take
Their chosen people, when they wake
From life-like dreams but not recall
Once vivid memories of it all.
Best not to for all humans' sake?

If not for time back then I'd be.
Confusion reigns, cannot discern
The incident and how I yearn
To seek the truth and know the score
Such life has never known before.
Implanted thoughts forever burn.

As when a child its' first breath takes,
And gentle hands caress its' cheek.
Gracious in form, destined to seek
All knowledge that will lead to bear
Upon this being standing there.
Cried bitter tears o'er the week.

So 'father-time' himself awaits
Not one alive, but surges past
All those who live and die as fast.
And explanations, desperate for,
Pass me by. Curse Einsteins law!
Make relativity abate.

What purpose then to break my night?
Such fussing ne'er become them, lo!
And such a light I hated so.
Why then abandon such a cause,
Return no more, put life on pause?
It pains me that they come then go!

But when they do come back to me,
No wiser soul will ever be!

by Warren Atherton

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