Poem By Tommy Twilite

Young Pike and his comrades three
are the teachers
the mathematician works his figures
a quick calculation to determine fact
followed by the expression of doubt
“We have need to rework the numbers, Captain”, said he
and young Pike agreed

The youngest and smallest boy sits in his wheelchair
uses his finger to touch an electronic screen
“I want to sit in the Firetruck”
speaks his robotic voice

Young Pike gathers his crew from the shuttlecraft
Sargent Brandon fearlessly explores the station
reports back that although the gravity is extreme
he has seen “the big trucks”

The big boy uses a walker
his angel face and dark eyes
make me love him more
He is my best friend as I help him up

Meanwhile Lt. Douglas is wary
his focus is intense on the inhabitants
of station 2
he doesn’t entirely trust them, but he is willing to try

“That’s so out of character for him”
says one of the teachers

The mathematician is the science officer and the first mate
It’s his duty to see to operations so young Pike can get the big picture
He works his numbers hard with a studied passion

“It’s ok Michael, all of us can sit in the truck”.

Now all of them are in the truck
They are having the best of times and
are in absolutely no hurry to leave

The head teacher says that after this
they will head over to the post office
to see how to mail a letter
and then they are going to Friendly’s for lunch
She asks me if its ok to leave the wheelchair van outside

I think of my own boys
blessed with every ability and advantage that opportunity can knock
not happy
even surly sometimes

We dress one of the younger teachers in full turnout gear
and we take a picture of her and the crew and the kids together
Everyone is smiling

I tell them all to come back and see us again
but one of the teachers tells me that three of them are graduating soon
and won’t be back

Outside the April sun is shining warm and round
as I open the big door

Now, the young captain gathers his crew
There are other worlds to explore
The sergeant, the lieutenant, and the mathematician wave goodbye
as the captain stoically rides
and I watch them go

And I turn away a little
so they don’t see me cry

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