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Visiting A Taoist On Tiatien Mountain
(701-762 / Chu / Kazakhstan)

Visiting A Taoist On Tiatien Mountain

Poem By Li Po

Amongst bubbling streams
a dog barks; peach blossom
is heavy with dew; here
and there a deer can
be seen in forest glades!
No sound of the mid-day
bell enters this fastness
where blue mist rises
from bamboo groves;
down from a high peak
hangs a waterfall;
non knows where he has gone, so sadly I rest,
with my back leaning
against a pine.

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.............a lovely and peaceful place ★
As a non-Chinese speaker, it is great to see an alternative translation. Thanks, Stanton, you give a new insight to this!
A dog's bark mingles with splashing water; Peach blossoms fatten on spring rain. Here and there, in deep woods, I spot deer; A loud-flowing stream drowns out noon's bell. Blades of bamboo slice blue mist; From a jade peak erupts a cascading spring. At the retreat no one knows where master has gone; Dejected, I lean against this and that pine, and wait. (trans., S.H.)