(5-28-42 / Washington state USA)

Visiting Das Peach Haus

We visited a place you would love
It’s like an old general store
When you walk inside, my friend
You’ll find treasures there galore

Peach wine is at the top of the list
Oh, so delicious and so sweet
Grilling sauce spiced just right
Is just an absolute treat

There is cranberry and cactus jelly
A taste you’d never dream of
But you really must try it because
It might fit you like a glove

A beautiful truck is parked outside
Oh boy, don’t know when it was made
A pretty red the color is
Why, we just stayed and stayed

Please plan to make a trip someday
If you don’t it’s truly a loss
Because I know you’d really enjoy
Visiting Das Peach Haus!

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I live in Michigan and we have a lot of fresh fruit stands that the Amish run. With fresh made breads and jams and jellys. I love peach, think it is one of my favorites! 10/10/10 on this one. But I must ask you this, did David Threadgold have anything to do with influencing this FOOD poem? LOL