It's so comforting to just close my eyes
To meditate - to visualize the blueness of the sky

To not think of anything but colours and hues
To see the waves of the ocean rolling up to you...

To feel the burning sand gush between your toes
To be warmed by the sun wherever you may go

To see the leaves change from green to gold
The seasons always changing a beauty soon to unfold...

The expectancy of summer
When you're tired of ice and snow

To breathe in the warmth of sun
To see bronzed skin so all aglow...

Only you can visualize what you dare to dream
Your comforting thoughts can always be seen

So relax your mind dream of your favorite place
Soon the stress and the worry will drop from your face...

You can learn to relax if you picture yourself there
Enjoying the moment with no stress, no care...

by Elaine Cole

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