Viva Los Revolution

In the beginning.
When we are trapped within our youth.
We see a revolution as a Damsel in distress.
A worldly but noble cause.
That is pure at heart.
One that is worth fighting for and dying for
When time marches on and we look into the eyes of reality

When we encounter death around every corner.
When we hear Death knocking on our door.
Not knowing when it will open the door and let itself in.
After the beguiling intoxicating effect glory wears off.
We begin to see the revolution for what it really is.

It was never a Damsel in distress.
When we open our eyes to reality
We see the revolution for what it really is.
A whore.
That was never pure at heart.
The noble cause become a lost cause.
We stay because we want to believe in her.
We leave because we become disillusion.
We come back because we are lost.
We remain because it is the only thing that we truly knows.

by jackie compton

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