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Vivat In Pace
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Vivat In Pace

Poem By SarahJane Platt


New parents celebrate their precious child's birth
Whilst people are turned into ashes and earth
And no one discusses the passing of time,
Save those looking back, sighing 'youth once was mine'
As children, teenagers, we wish life away
But as parents we want our small children to stay
Innocent, untouched by Time's cruel finger
For once we are old all we can do is linger
Then stop. Then hand over control
To our loved ones, to keep our memory whole
And enduring; to pass on the best and the worst.
To value our lives from last moment to first.
For those who have now departed from Earth
Once too had parents enthralled by their birth.
We learn lists of dates we are forced to recall,
We juggle a year of birthdays; none must fall
From our memory, or we'd fall foul
Of our elders and betters, then we would howl
'It's too hard to remember everyone's day! '
But now, grown up, it's the opposite way.
The older we get the more holes appear
In that birthday list we have held so dear.
Thus we should remember, instead of one day
To ALWAYS cherish people in our own ways
To let them know how much we care
For suddenly, one day, they just won't be there
And if even one day of that memory is marred
By a feud or by bitterness, we will be scarred
Forever. You can't make amends to the dead.
So if you love someone, let it be said.
Let it be said. Lay all feuds to rest.
And make every day a day of your best.

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If you love someone, let it be said. Nice piece of work.